Updating garmin nuvi 750

Please try again in another month or two and there should be a new map released soon.

The maps you have on your GPS now are the most recent maps." hey guys, just to keep you all up-to-date.

I updated my map a month ago and can't remember exactly how much I paid...could have been 90 bucks or something – not sure.

But anyway, I figured that it might be worth my while to just pay the 185 bucks or so for the lifetime garmin map.

try again with the above suggestion and let me know if any issues." Then i reply to their email to ask them why other GPS company like Tom Tom already had their map update and why Garmin still has not, and this is their answer.

Looks like they are not very interested in releasing new maps any time sooner at all "Unfortunately we have no ETA yet for the next map release.

So here I was, clicking on a bunch of stuff on the garmin purchasing website, and all I ever reach is the garmin map updater, and it keeps saying my updates are all up to date.

even when they used only whereis mapping there were really only 2 updates/year released – they used to say upto 4/year but i never saw more than 2 lifetime updates are conditional i think it might be a struggle to get anywhere with challenging the conditions ceasing the updates also devalues the existing GPS devices that use that whereis maps because if you want to sell it it will have less value to any potential buyer I have received further advice from Garmin advising that they cannot give an expected release date for new sensis maps.

And there appears to be no weblink that just allows me to do a 'add to cart'.

I'm just interesting adding the lifetime map thing to a 'cart' so that I can just pay for it.

Actually, in the past, I attempted a map update – and kept getting 'unexpected error' on the web-browser during the map update.

This occurred for both firefox and internet explorer. Same thing occurred even after killing all web browser processes and trying again – heaps of times.

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But in the end their answer started with "Thank you for contacting us.

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