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ndian pt'onoiina are tlieraselves radicafly the same the Draviro-Australian, and as tliii radical agreement belongs to ilm most archaic jli SSfidian affinities of Dravtrian, it will be noticed in connection with these. of Dravirian traits in the Gangctico-Ultraindia^ systems I may refer tochap. is i (from ni "I/' orlgina Uy posses- si vij now replaced by the Tibeto-Burman nga aa a separate agen- live terra) but ihat of the 2nd pron. In Tengsa Naga me occurs as the 2nd pronoun itj the posst'sstve mechif — the separate form being the common Eaat Tibetan nang.

IV • Here I shall only uientiou one, as it is illustrative of the archaiq use of m as a plural definitive. In Joboka Naga m i;^ retained as the plumi postfix althou^jh the roots are changed, 1st ku Sing, ketn Pl.j 2nd nang Sing, h&nzain PI, j 3rd chua Sing. 7i PL It will be remarked that while Namsangya like the Dravirian languages in general restricts m to the proper pronouns, Joboka like Toda extends it to the 3rd also.

The 2od is ehiefly found in the Cfrrian lan;ft»a«|;'e8, and afl similar furms are produced hy the elipiun of an iiiiiiiil radical consonant, it i» not alwsiyrt easy to dmde whether the U^rrian con* Bonunt in radical or not, Rcdu|t Hcrtttrd furnirt of all thtj rccur. kwon Yenesei konony, kar, kai ; Turk, kirr, Pasblugar; Fin. giii &c.; G(j pesani, hc&aru, pudar ; Good batti paral.

Be- sides these fonnt^f othe re occur in which a deliniti%^o is aita(;hed to the Tt Xity generally po^ttixuidly. iimple vowol, generally pretixed, but inoj^t frequently a cou Ewnant, generally po^itttied, and either aimple with a fiiml or initial vowel, or such a mono T^y 111 able with a final consonant. It in ofton dil^cutt Qt iiinpoasible to decide whether the tinal consonant is a f Mwtlix or part of the root.

The Na^a pronominal system— which is a Tibetn-Burnaan super-* structure on a Dravirian basis — preserves the Dravirian plural postfix in Namsangya ni-ma "we," ne -ma "you." The possess! The only other Gangetico-Ultraindian language in which this particle appears to be found is the Gurung which has it in all the three pronouns under the form -mo! The Mozome Angami Naga -we of the 1st pronoun resembles Kol forms.

In Angami ma appears to be combined with the liquif^lural particle of Dra- virian in all the pronouns -ra -ma. Gurung mo) and ma occur as plural elements, and the Burman labial plural may be the same pa;rticle. Max Muller'rt ttiblc of prononns supplirst two ai Ji Jitiuntil example* of tfaa use of th U form.

and Karnalaku ni-m PL, (Anc.)i ni-vu (Mod.); m-ma-fiu PI. (Mod.) The Gond i-ma is evidently a contraction of ni-ma.

*eclu.'non ii Eist lastw J ho long that arcbiucaillv distinct dialects have nuw few lutcahffjf in Cfiniinou. A eomparbon of tlie Tariout* Stythie names for wme of t Jie |mrt.- 1 f the body umy thua he considered a^i the first at^'p towards a-^cer- taiuiii^ the true relutiontf of ttiie tiame^t fur the^ame objects in any of tho ether families, a* the Dravirian or Bniviro-Austi-alian.

As the placards keep coming up, we get to know that Nawazuddin is '16.66 percent Muslim,' '16.66% Hindu,' 16.66% Christian,' '16.66% Sikh,' '16.66% Buddhist' and '16.66% other religions', all adding up to '100% artist'.

i uppcared, to warn the reader thatikjnte of jtsj:iii? A third U required for the titermediatd great formation of northern India and Ultraindia. The sepamfion of farniliea must have been the ^^nnd^ouvce of d Bretmpmen U intel Jectuul and tinp-uistic By this raw»ns thiv By^ primary roofi^acquijiea Viiriiih' in phontjlo;n' and ftppliwition. t Jgr towl, tuolyp; Turk tari, tfrt-, dnri &c.; ^//r— Galla itille^ [?

Page 6.- Tiie nerwr seriesf of Viudyan vooabul twin's compiled for Mr» H "d-rson bv Mr Nevil) (J. A very slif^hl examination of the iky thic nainei* for the parts of the bcdr ahowii tliat we are dealing wii Ji one really primitives vooibulary, whiot bait »utfertd dialectic ehangea almotit vitbout limit.

The ^me primuiy roots are tmind in all the lin^ua^ from the Kamchatkan to the unita- rian. * Korea pbatafayo^ Semitic maz^ m\s,\ Indonpieatig ^Mabra mis,) 46.

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In South Dravirian it is rare, but m occurrence iu the possessive plural of Tamil (utn) and in th e plural of Karnataka (vu) places its Dravimu origin and antiquity beyond doubt. ila, ilti, enniii, nimi, nana, nna; Afr Uu ina, uuiija, inatiij Malag: mm\ Amn.—in Uj mde, iuda, &c.

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