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The ultimate decision is made by the DBPR, after careful consideration of all information.Therefore, there is no way that GCPS, staff or instructor can provide a definitive answer.Visitors will be allowed to enter only as spaces...Some content on this website is saved in an alternative format.Fall brings flounder through the Sebastian Inlet and it’s a favorite time for anglers to try their luck along the rocky shoreline. The page you are trying to access is currently down for maintenance.

Directions to Sebastian Inlet State Park WEBCAM: Check out the latest photo at the North Jetty and get current weather data and real time wind data. Visitors to the park will notice the return of migrant birds, mullet filling the waters around the inlet, and fishermen!” Students often want to ask their school or their instructor if the DBPR will approve them.The only way to answer that is for the student (applicant) to submit the application and answer all questions truthfully, go through the process, and find out for him or herself.If the DBPR finds that an applicant has lied about any of these items, the DBPR most likely will deny the application, and the applicant may not have the option to reapply.Some additional information that may help you determine if you should apply to become a CAM: if you answer yes to any of the background questions, the DBPR will require that you provide information regarding the case, the disposition, penalty, etc.

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