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🙂 THANK YOUMs Ruby Ng is not only an experienced teacher, but she is also very friendly and approachable.

She caters to the learning pace of the students, helping us to maximize our learning within each lesson.

Thanks to you, I now understand enjoy the subject content a lot more. In the midst of all the stress from the GCE A-Levels, it was assuring to be taught by Mr Yeo in Physics, a teacher who has such a strong grasp of the demands of the Cambridge H2 Physics Examination.I’m glad to have cultivated my interest with your lessons and progressed with your concise summary notes.I hope you continue to inspire students who dislike or fear physics to progress or even excel in the subject as it is more than it seems.Thankfully, I eventually got an A for math (which I knew I would, because I was that confident). Mr Loh is an extremely dedicated teacher who not only strives to help students pull up their grades, but also inculcates in them a joy for learning. He puts his students’ needs foremost, and even takes on extra workloads such as essay submissions from students, which he marks outside of class time.He is also always willing to stay behind after class to help clarify students’ doubts. Under his tutelage, students will not only gain more in-depth knowledge about Economics as a subject, but will also better appreciate it and its applications in real life Dear Mr. Before I took up tuition I thought Chemistry makes no sense at all, but now I can finally understand the concepts thanks to you!

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