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“Whether Robin’s in the room or not, he’ll always say, ‘I don’t know what I ever would have done without her.’ ” Robin moved to London for teachers’ college while Jo finished in Halifax, then she landed a job at H. Beal Secondary School, teaching English classes and First Nations students.

“Those were the two things that always centred him in his life,” Shawn says.

His brother had gone off to college and returned home, but they weren’t close (Jo’s brother would turn out not to have the genetic mutation).

Robin, meanwhile, had grown up very close to a guy named Rylan, whose parents were friends with hers, and Rylan knew Shawn.

They opened their stockings first, and Robin was becoming more puzzled with each object she pulled out: They were utterly random. One year for Christmas, he gave Robin a beautiful set of bound Paddington Bear books, a nod to her childhood favourite. That Christmas, Joël Aubin was 36 years old and already battling hard to work around an erosion process that was hard-wired into every cell of his body.

He’d often come home from work with an album for her, or a treasure he found at a used bookstore. “I remember being really upset that Christmas—not because of the material stuff, but because it just felt weird,” Robin says. He had dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease, the result of a genetic mutation that snakes through family trees.

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Together, they strangle neurons and eventually consume memory and ability as the brain withers.

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